Wireless Communications and Security Solutions

For over thirty years, Yankee Microwave, Inc. has been providing wireless solutions for both government and commercial entities. We can engineer, install, test, commission, and service a broad range of wireless technologies, point to point, and broadcast systems available today.

We are ready to serve as the Prime Contractor, Sub-Contractor, or filling a needed void in your project.




~Tower Installation
~Towers and Monopoles
~Grounding and Surge Protection
~Transmission Line

Microwave Radio Systems Installation and Upgrades

~Licensed 6-38 GHz
~Unlicensed 2.4, 5.3, 5.8 GHz
~2 Way Radio Backhaul

and Maintenance

~Scheduled One Time or Multi-year Inspection and Maintenance Contracts
~Emergency Inspections and Maintenance Deployment
~Regulatory Compliance Assurance


~Backup Systems
~Remote Power Systems
~Solar and Wind Power
~Inverter Systems


Services and Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance of Existing Network
Scheduled Maintenance of Radio Equipment at Manufacturers Specifications
FCC Specifications Management (frequency, EIRP, power output)
Physical Inspection of Antennas, Waveguide, and Attachment Hardware
Physical Inspection of Mounting Structures (Tower, Guy Lines, Rooftop Mounts, Cable Trays, Grounding Systems, Fencing)
System Troubleshooting and Repair
Technician On-Site Monitoring and Remote Site Monitoring
24/7 Emergency Response
Disaster Recovery
Service and Maintenance Contracts
Tower Installation
Microwave Backhaul
Wireless Point to Point; Point to Multi-point, Mesh Networks, Wireless LANs
Licensed and Unlicensed systems
Antenna system installation
Waveguide and Coax attachment
Ice Bridge Design and Installation
Energy System Design/ Alternative Power Generation
DC Chargers and Batteries
Inverter Systems
Solar, Wind, and Other Alternative Power Sources
Backup Generators
Video Surveillance Systems
Static and PTZ cameras
Day and Infrared
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Matrix Control Systems
Communications Grounding Systems
Custom Systems
Copper Clad and Chemical Ground Rods
Exothermic Bonding
Site Infrastructure
Configuration, Testing, and Acceptance
Waveguide and Coax Sweep Testing (VSWR, DTF, Signal loss)
Ground System Resistance Test
Preliminary System Planning
Site Surveys
Site Location
Local Restrictions
Equipment Location
Local and State Permits
Path Profiles
Path Reliability Studies
Site Mapping
FCC Frequency Applications and Licensing
New England Video Network: YMI’s core business at inception was the transport of television stations for cable companies. YMI maintained a microwave network that existed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The top of Mount Washington was a central node to this multi-state network.

Southern New Digital Data Network: With the advent of digital microwave YMI built true ISDN end to end microwave radio system to carry digital traffic for their customers in Southern New England towns Boston, Worcester, Providence, Hartford, Albany, New York.

U.S. Border Surveillance: YMI has been the prime installer and integrator of the RVSS (Remote Video Surveillance System) for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Yankee has installed over 250 monopoles and towers on the Southern U.S. Border (Texas to California) and the Northern U.S. Border (Washington to Vermont). These remote platforms were linked via microwave to command and control centers miles away from the border.

Current Projects: YMI is currently providing wireless and security services and solutions for Government and Commercial Entities. Although many of these projects exist in the New England Area, YMI does have a national presence to offer its services nationwide. Please contact us for any further information or inquiries.


High Gain Base Station, Mobile & Marine Antennas

We offer high gain communication antennas for any base station, mobile, or marine application. With a GAM Electronics antenna you will always get the best quality product without compromise and at a fair price. We hand build and hand tune antennas both for production and custom applications, providing you with the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Since we build our antennas to meet your specific needs, we can develop a marine VHF, UHF or any antenna that meets your specification. Our expert team will custom design and wind an antenna that matches your desired frequency. We build high gain antennas that are durable enough to withstand severe marine weather conditions. Our reputation is built on high quality construction, performance, durability and prompt delivery. GAM also offers a lifetime limited warranty.

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